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Import from QuickBooks Online

All standard reports available: Profit and Loss, Cash Summary, Balance Sheet, Aged Receivables, Aged Payables, Ratios.


On Dashboard page, organisations can be re-ordered by click-and-drag.

Exchange rates updated for end of April 2019.

Various quality improvements.


Major new release

Improved plot designs, including display of values on column and row views.

New Dashboard page, listing organisations.

Clicking on an organisation on the Dashboard page takes user to an Organisation page, showing its reports.

New feature to generate a single PDF Report Pack from multiple reports

Reports can be dragged into any order, to control the order of their pages in the Report Pack.

Reports can be hidden so they are excluded from the Report Pack.

QuickBooks Online and spreadsheet import are under development and are not yet available to normal users.


If an organisation is using the Xero Budget Manager, but does not have a custom layout for Profit and Loss set as the default layout, then just the ‘Profit and Loss (with budget)’ report shown in Numerable.

This means that 2 versions of Profit and Loss are only shown if the organisation is using the Budget Manager AND has a custom layout set as the default (due to limitations of the Xero’s API). The 2 versions are:

‘Profit and Loss’ – in custom layout without budget

‘Profit and Loss (with budget)’ – in standard layout with budget


Introductory tour added – when viewing a report, click on ‘Tour’ (top left)

Trial users can now add reports for multiple organisations

‘Profit and Loss (with budget)’ report is no longer shown for an organisation if values in Xero’s Budget Manager have not been set

Various quality improvements and fixes, including handling of overpayments in Aged Payables and Receivables


White labelling – ability to upload a user logo and display in Numerable online and the PDF reports it produces


First production release